CLSA's Andy Rothman Debunks 16 Misperceptions About China

China Beijing Forbidden City

Photo: Yepoka Yeebo/Business Insider

China’s breathtaking ascent and recent slowdown have been closely watched by investors and economists throughout the world.Still, China may be one of the most misunderstood economies in the world.

“[I]t is amazing how poorly informed many remain,” writes Andy Rothman CLSA’s China Macro strategist.

In a new report titled Misunderstanding China: Popular Western Illusions Debunked, Rothman aims to shed light popular misconceptions about China.

“We all know somebody who misunderstands China. This report is for them.”

  • Rothman makes 16 assertions. Here are a few:
  • China’s economy is not export-driven
  • It’s the world’s best consumption story
  • It’s an entrepreneur driven economy

The full list and details of each assertion is available to CLSA clients.

Here are some companies you may want to be worried about.

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