Cloudy With A Chance Of Marketing: Advertising Is Now Allowed On The Bureau Of Meteorology Website

Photo: Getty / Ian Waldie

The next time you check the Bureau of Meteorology’s website and it looks like rain, don’t be surprised if there’s an ad for umbrellas beside the weather report.

This afternoon the Senate gave the nod to the Australian Government’s plans to include paid online advertising on the BoM site.

The website is one of Australia’s most popular. It’s also the first Government agency to accept commercial advertising.

The move comes following a 2011 review which suggested a few extra dollars from advertising might help when it came to the Bureau’s ability to respond to future extreme weather events and natural disasters.

Labor announced a 12-month trial in the 2012-13 Budget and the Abbott government confirmed it would become a permanent fixture in this year’s Budget.

Under the legislation, the BoM won’t be able to accept ads for gambling, lotteries, booze or porn, which probably rules out 50% of online ads, and the really good news is that ads of a political nature won’t be allowed either, so don’t expect sunshine and Joe Hockey when you check the morning forecast.

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