Take a look inside the Cloud House, the award-winning home in Melbourne which is shaped like – you guessed it – a cloud

Image: John Gollings
  • The Cloud House is a house in Victoria which is shaped like – you guessed it – a cloud.
  • It was designed by Victorian-based McBride Charles Ryan Architects and is an extension of an existing house in Fitzroy North.
  • The cloud design is at the back of the house, while the front of the house was retained to keep in line with the rest of its neighbours.
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Victoria is home to the Cloud House.

The cloud design was an extension and renovation of a house in Fitzroy North – adding a unique twist to it. The house was designed by Victoria-based company McBride Charles Ryan Architects (MCR) and completed in 2012.

MCR is the firm behind buildings including the QV II residential towers in Melbourne and Monument Park.

MCR owner Debbie Ryan told Business Insider Australia a client had come to them who had been living in the QV II and loved the apartments. The couple, who was expecting a child, had purchased a home in Fitzroy and tapped MCR to do some work on it to make it more suitable for a family. While the architects kept the original front of the house, they added an extension that is shaped like a cloud.

The house won the Residential category at theMelbourne Design Awards 2012.

Take a closer look at the home.

The couple didn’t want to change the front of the house because they wanted to respect their neighbours.

Image: John Gollings

The house was designed with a main bedroom – that has a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite – two extra bedrooms and a study. There are two bathrooms. MCR even designed the floral carpet inside the home.

Image: John Gollings

Inside the home is a red, toy-like ‘box’ – the kitchen – which Ryan described as a “connection piece between the old and the new.” “That’s the important aspect of it,” she said. “It transitions you from the old part of the house to the new part of the house.”

Image: John Gollings

Ryan described the kitchen as often being the heart of the home, with the red box being “playful” and “fun”.

Image: John Gollings

The cloud element is an extension at the back of the house, with an interior made of timber.

Image: John Gollings

“The timber is robust,” Ryan said. “So even if you’ve got little kids with trikes and all sorts of things, it’s not going to really damage the interior. If you do get any damage, you can just sand it out and recoat it.”

Image: John Gollings

The cloud opens out to the pool and deck area. “That cloud extension is elevated so it almost has a view over roofs,” Ryan said. “So you’re looking straight into the clouds.”

Image: John Gollings

“Our work is always playful but it is also pragmatic,” Ryan added. “We always think about how our clients are living within that space and what’s going to enhance their lives or make their lives easier and more comfortable.”

Image: John Gollings

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