Get Your Fake Facebook Girlfriend Starting April 26 With “Cloud Girlfriend”

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David Fuhriman, CEO of the mysterious startup Cloud Girlfriend, has released more details of how his company will operate in order to create the “perfect girlfriend” for its users on Facebook.The service will be free and it launches on April 26. Fuhriman hasn’t mentioned any plan for making money with his startup.

In order to determine what your “girlfriend” looks like, you can pick from several preselected profile pictures. Fuhriman said that Cloud Girlfriend is also working on the ability to composite photos of you and your ladyfriend together.

You can have as many girlfriends as you want for no charge. “She” will be operated by a real person, meaning she can friend and be friended by others on Facebook, even message those who message her.

We were previously curious if Facebook would object, but Fuhriman said he has explained the direction he’s taking and that he is complying with their terms of service.

We’ll see if it works.

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