The Bulls Win AGAIN: Here's What You Need To Know


Photo: jamidwyer on flickr

A solid, wire-to-wire win for the bulls, who are now putting together a pretty nice streak.But first, the scoreboard:

Dow: +28
NASDAQ: +7.3
S&P 500: +5.5

And now, today’s top stories:

  • It was a fairly quiet day news-wise starting last night, when Japan rallied, bringing the rest of Asia up with it.
  • For once, there were precious few headlines out of Europe — there was nothing, even, about Anglo Irish collapsing.
  • The one big macro datapoint of the day was the initial jobless claims at 8:30, which was mediocre, except for the fact that it showed a move away from the 500K level, back towards 450K, and thus prompted a nice sigh of relief. There’s actually been a slew of decent data lately >
  • And that was basically it. There was a “weak” Treasury auction, though all that really signaled was that the panic buying of bonds is abating, so basically it was good news. Rail data continues to come in in very strong.

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