Markets Sell Off HARD -- Here's What You Need To Know

lonely sad rejected businessman

First the scoreboard:

Dow: -115
S&P: -13


And now some key stories:

  • Violence broke out big-time in Bangkok today, a place once thought to be a bastion of stability in the hot-growing region.
  • Networker Cisco fell hard after reporting decent earnings after the bell last night. That paced the big losing index, the NASDAQ.
  • Gold finally took a breather, while oil fell to $74.40.
  • A key amendment to the financial reform bill was passed that will put new restrictions on the ratings agencies.
  • Basically everyone on Wall Street is now under investigation for something.
  • There are signs of more violence in Greece. A bomb exploded outside of a prison.
  • Euorpe had a mixed day, but the Spanish market fell the hardest as the weight of budget cutting began to sink in.

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