STOCKS INCH HIGHER: Here's What You Need To Know

hammock nap

Nothing really happened today.

First the scoreboard:

Dow: 15,076, -6.5 pts, -0.0%
S&P 500: 1,629, +3.0 pts, +0.1%
NASDAQ: 3,431, +21.8 pts, +0.6%

And now the top stories:

  • There were no major earnings announcements or market moving economic reports today.
  • According to the Treasury Department, the U.S. government posted a $112.9 billion budget surplus in April, the highest surplus in five years.  This was largely driven by a 27% year-over-year jump in total tax receipts.  This number was right in line with economists’ estimates.
  • Shares of Tesla surged again today.  This comes after stronger-than-expected earnings, robust guidance, and Consumer Reports’ highest-ever rating for a car.  The stock is up around 40% in just the last two days.
  • Popular hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry just released his first quarter letter to investors.
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