Bulls Finally Get A Mega-Win: Here's What You Need To Know


Finally! The bulls get one.

But first, the scoreboard:

Dow: +274.66 or up 2.82%
NASDAQ: +65.59 or up 3.13%
S&P 500: +32.21 or up 3.13%

And now, the top stories:

  • In terms of “news” today was perhaps one of the most uneventful days in memory. There were no ground-moving economic reports. There was nothing too notable out of China, except a few reports about a property bubble collapse, but even that may be old hat. No European leader said anything stupid, either. Don’t miss: 17 staggering facts about China’s Three Gorges Dam >
  • Europe did drib out some guidelines regarding the stress tests, but they were beyond empty, in terms of details. These are going to be a non-event, in all likelihood, when the actual results are announced next month.
  • There was some chatter about weak earnings guidance from Family Dollar but, um, snooze.
  • In addition to stocks, pretty much all the key commodities were up. Gold’s rise was pretty modest, especially given its recent declines. The dollar continued its fall.

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