STOCKS RISE, AND YOU CAN'T LOSE: Here's What You Need To Know


Photo: hackdaddy via Flickr

As if we even need the daily wrap. You know what happened, right?But first, the scoreboard:

Dow: +70.31
NASDAQ: +11.69
S&P 500: +5.28

  • There just really isn’t much news. Asia is still quiet thanks to the Chinese New Year, though China did hike rakes this morning, and that did cause oil and markets to drift lower for a bit.
  • Europe was a big meh.
  • The only big economic news in this hemisphere was the inflation data out of Brazil and Chile, which was hot, but not higher than anyone expected.
  • NFIB Small Business Optimism was slightly better than some had expected, but still pretty mediocre
  • And that was it! Stocks drifter higher, the precious metals had a good day (especially silver!) and the long-bond just got hammered again.
  • For an interesting story, click here for the sad story of the decline of American Apparel >

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