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Stocks also fall. It’s true.But first, the scoreboard:

Dow: -43/86
NASDAQ: -13.31
S&P 500: -4.61

And now the top stories:

  • The “day” started last night when China reported (relatively) tame inflation data. It was nearly 5%, but because it didn’t explode past expectations, it was a win. Stocks generally had a good day in Asia.
  • In Europe we were treated to a slew of economic data, none of it too great. UK inflation came in at 4%. GDP across various countries was pretty meh. Greek data, in particular, was bad, and spreads blew out.
  • Gold spiked at 4:30 AM ET, right after the UK inflation data came out.
  • At 8:30 we got a smattering of US data, which was again not too exciting in one direction or another. Empire manufacturing and retail sales both seamed a little weak-ish, though none of this is really a-level data.
  • President Obama held a press conference today. It was kind of rambling. See coverage here.
  • On the private company front, NYSE and Deutsche Boerse officially announced their marriage, Capella education got slammed on weak earnings, and FedEx shockingly jumped despite last night’s warning.
  • Meanwhile oil had another rough day, falling to near $84.
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