Closing Bell: Here's What You Need To Know About Today's Comeback Market

First, your scoreboard:

  • Dow: Up 30 points to 10,927.
  • NASDAQ: Up 5 points to 2436.
  • S&P 500: Up 4.5 points to 1186.


Now here’s what you need to know as you leave work today:

  • The March surge in retail numbers exceeded expectations and recorded around a 9% year over year gain. The full Easter season results, which will be revealed at the end of April, should give a more complete view of where the retail consumer stands.
  • According to a CEO survey, the numbers of CEO’s planning to hire new workers increased 50% from Q4 2009 to Q1 2010. Nearly one third of companies surveyed now plan to hire.
  • Apple announced its new iPhone OS 4.0, which will include support for multitasking. Apple stock is down nearly 0.3% on the day.
  • Jobless claims rose unexpectedly last week from 18,000 to 460,000 in the U.S.. Total claims fell to 4.55 million.
  • Rates were held across Europe today as the Bank of England retained its 0.5% rate prior to the general election, and the ECB held onto its 1% rate as well.

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