This 'Clock' Will Count Every NYC Traffic Death Under Mayor De Blasio

Gridlock new york traffic jam bus carsWikimedia CommonsNew Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to cut NYC traffic deaths to zero by 2024.

During his campaign for mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio pledged his support for “Vision Zero,” a Swedish initiative to end traffic deaths with smarter street engineering and policy solutions.

Now that de Blasio is in charge, a grassroots group that works to stop traffic deaths and push back “against driver entitlement” is trying to keep the new mayor’s promise to “reduce serious injuries and fatalities” caused by traffic accidents “to zero” by 2024.

Right of Way has created a “Vision Zero Clock” to keep count of pedestrian, cyclist, and car occupant deaths, and whether or not the city is on track to meet de Blasio’s goal. It will also announce each death on its Twitter account, @VisionZeroClock.

More than 250 people are killed in traffic accidents in New York City every year, according to Right of Way.

Here’s how the clock looks now:

*Determined using the linear number of people killed per day in 2013. Whenever 10% fewer people have been killed in 2014 than at the same point in 2013, the answer is ‘Yes’

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