Another Palmer Lawsuit: $800,000 Defamation Claim Against Mal Brough

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Clive Palmer has followed through on his threat to sue the Coalition candidate for Fisher, Mal Brough, with court documents emerging today showing he’s seeking more than $800,000 in damages.

This morning in a television interview, he said he was going to sue News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch over an article in The Australian.

Court documents obtained by Business Insider show Palmer is seeking damages from Brough, a former Howard government minister.

Palmer last month claimed Brough sought funding for James Ashby to launch a sexual harassment case against his then-boss, former Parliamentary Speaker Peter Slipper.

Palmer claims his reputation was damaged by Brough’s public denials of this.

Brough is running against Slipper — now an independent — in the Sunshine Coast seat of Fisher. Palmer told a press conference in August that Brough asked him for money to fund Ashby’s case, in an attempt to damage Slipper’s career.

“Regardless of his political view, be it Liberal, Labor or otherwise, there should be an unspoken law not to attack a person,” Palmer said on 22 August.

“Mr Slipper has been for 40 years a member of the Liberal Party, he’d been instrumental in having Mal Brough join the Liberal Party initially, and now I was faced the situation where Mr Brough wanted to destroy his integrity,” Palmer claimed.

While Brough admitted he had lunch with Palmer, he denied he asked him to fund any action on behalf of Slipper’s former staffer, saying Palmer changed his story for political gain.

Palmer has established his own political party and is running candidates in all seats at the September 07 Federal Election.

“I want to say straight out that I deny the comments that have been made today by Mr Palmer,” Brough said. “Mr Palmer has had incredible inconsistency on this story.”

According to Palmer’s claim lodged in the Queensland Supreme Court, this denial caused “distress and embarrassment” and damaged his reputation.

Ashby’s case was thrown out in December, with Federal Court judge Steven Rares saying he had launched a “political attack,” with Brough to advance the Liberal National Party.

Brough’s office has been contacted for comment.

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