Clive Palmer's Senators Aren't Tony Abbott's Only Worry In The Upper House

Image: Paul Kane-Pool / Getty.

NSW senator David Leyonhjelm and South Australian senator Bob Day have said if Tony Abbott continues to bow to Palmer United Party leader, Clive Palmer’s every demand the Prime Minister will have more problems in the upper house.

The two cross-benchers said they’re concerned about the Palmer amendments in the Carbon Tax legislation which is expected to be reintroduced to the House of Representatives this week after it was voted down by the PUP bloc last week.

They said the PUP amendments, which aim to ensure any cost savings which come from cutting the carbon tax are passed on, put “severe compliance” obligations onto business.

The senators said the amended repeal bill could be “worse than the tax itself”.

The SMH reports Leyonhjelm said he is sending a message to the Abbott government that it doesn’t have “a blank cheque with us”.

“We’re out of the loop and we don’t like it,” he said.

“If you give too much ground to PUP you might lose us. We want to see the carbon tax removed, but not at the price of some big brother obligation that makes life difficult for industry,” he said.

For the two cross-benchers to stop the repeal bill they would need support from either Nick Xenophon or John Madigan.

There’s more here.

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