Clive Palmer's PUP Senators Have Turned On The Government And Rejected The Carbon Tax Repeal

Photo: Getty Images

The government lost the Senate vote on the carbon tax repeal today and is expected to reintroduce an amended bill in the House of Representatives on Monday.

The three PUP Senators voted against repealing the carbon tax because of what Clive Palmer called a double cross by the government over an amendment.

The repeal was rejected 37 votes to 35.

Palmer’s amendment was to ensure power companies pass on any savings from the repeal. It is understood the new legislation will include the changes.

Palmer says the government didn’t include the amendment today despite saying it would do so.

“It was to be circulated by the time Parliament had come in and it hadn’t been circulated and our senators hadn’t been told and they were left in the dark,” he said.

“I think you’d call it double-crossing people.”

Before the vote, Clive Palmer accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott of “playing games”.

He tweeted:

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