Clive Palmer's Company Just Lost A Legal Battle Against Chinese Owned Citic Pacific

(Photo: Getty/Chris Hyde)

Clive Palmer’s horror week just got worse.

After an epic rant about China on Monday night’s Q&A he has just been defeated in one of his legal battles against Citic Pacific, the company that supposedly provoked his outbursts.

The Federal Court today threw out his application to become a security operator at the Cape Preston port in Western Australia.

Palmer’s company, Mineralogy, was attempting to take control of port security operations from the Chinese giant.

Mineralogy argued the Federal Infrastructure Department erred when it appointed Citic as head of security at the port, The Australian reports.

That approval subsequently allowed Citic to begin exporting ore from the Sino Iron project in Western Australia late last year.

Today Justice Neil McKerracher rejected Mineralogy’s claims and ordered it to pay Citic’s legal bills.

“Mineralogy’s complaints cannot be sustained,” he said in a judgement. “I have rejected Mineralogy’s arguments on each point.”

Citic said it was pleased with the decision.

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