Five Of Clive Palmer's Best Announcements: Dinosaurs, The Titanic and Taking On Swan


At a presser in Sydney today, colourful billionaire turned aspiring prime minister Clive Palmer said his offices could have been broken into as part of a political conspiracy.

Palmer, on Nine News, said the thieves took computers containing sensitive financial information.

“Of course this could have been a coincidence, it could have happened after the polls showing we have around 30 to 40 per cent of the [Australian] people,” he said.

He said unnamed political opponents arranged for the Queensland office to be broken into, reported Ean Higgins at The Australian.

At the weekend Palmer, a long-time member of the ALP, announced he was starting his own political party, and wants the country’s top job.

He said then that he was going to run candidates in every Lower House seat, as well as for the Senate.

Today he also told reporters that two sitting Federal MPs, which he declined to name, would be announcing their defection to his United Australia Party shortly.

Below is a list of five big Palmer Announcements:

In February this year Palmer confirmed his plans to rebuild infamous cruise ship The Titanic. The maiden voyage is scheduled for 2016. Photo: Getty/Mario Tama.

Earlier this month, Palmer unveiled plans for a park full of giant, robotic dinosaurs. Photo: Getty/Oli Scarff.

Last year he accused the United States Government of funnelling money to environmental group Greenpeace to undermine Australian coal mining through spy agency the CIA. Photo: Getty/Phil Walter

When his A-league soccer team lost its license, Palmer toyed with the idea of starting his own, saying: 'I have the resources to go out and form a 10-team league of my own and maybe that's what I will do,' according to The Australian. Photo: Getty/Chris Hyde.

In May last year Palmer threatened to stand against Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan in the electoral seat of Lilley. He later backed down. Photo: Getty/Cole Bennetts.

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