Clive Palmer Tells The Government To Go Back To The Polls

Photo: Getty Images

Clive Palmer has certainly made an impact since being elected to Parliament. But that impact has stepped up a level since his three Palmer United Senators were sworn in earlier this month.

In his latest insertion into the headlines, Palmer has told the AFR that it is time for the Government to head back to the polls to solve the budget impasse which threatens up to $41 billion in budget measures.

“There are so many things that are unacceptable for most Australians. They tried to do everything in one day,” Palmer said. “Ultimately, they will have to have a mini-budget or a double ¬≠dissolution [election].”

The Government has already signaled that the calling of a double dissolution is unlikely, with Prime Minister Abbot saying on numerous occasions the budget may not pass on the first or second occasion, but it would eventually.

Earlier this week Treasurer Joe Hockey said he would go around the Parliament if necessary.

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