Clive Palmer takes crocodile off the menu after one bites a man at his resort golf course

A crocodile lies in wait on a golf course. Photo: Getty Images

A man playing at Queensland MP Clive Palmer’s Sea Reef golf course in Port Douglas, was bitten on the leg by a crocodile yesterday afternoon.

The man, aged 75, was taken to the Mossman District Hospital in a stable condition.

Detective James Coate told the ABC, the man “landed his ball near the water and as he’s done that he disturbed a 1.2-metre crocodile.”

“When he went up to the crocodile it’s bitten him on the left calf.”

Following the incident, course owner Clive Palmer took to Twitter to wish the “well-known” man well.

He added that he was taking crocodile off the menu at all Palmer resorts.

This isn’t the first time a crocodile has disturbed play at the Port Douglas course. In January, one of the reptilian residents held up play between the 11th and 12th holes.

Image: Palmer Sea Reef Golf Course – Facebook.

This latest mishap comes a month after the 9-metre “Jeff”, the motorised T-Rex, caught fire and burnt, leaving only its steel skeleton, at Palmer’s Coolum Resort.

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