Clive Palmer Says 'U Got Academia Envy' When Asked Why He's Still Referring To Himself As 'Professor'

Photo: Getty Images

Exasperated management at Bond University say they have asked businessman-turned politician Clive Palmer to stop using the phrase “professor” in his title.

Palmer was given the title of “adjunct professor” by the Gold Coast-based university in 2008 in recognition of his “good will” and support for the institution.

While the convention with the title is it should always be preceded by the word “adjunct” when used, Palmer – who’s campaigning in the federal election having established the Palmer United Party – describes himself as “Professor Clive Palmer” in official documents and asks others to refer to him using the title.

Hedley Thomas reports in The Australian that the university is running out of patience. A spokesperson said: “We have clearly communicated to Mr Palmer the appropriate use of academic titles … we are confused ourselves as to why Mr Palmer and other parties make continual reference to him as Professor Palmer.”

When the matter was put to Palmer, Thomas reports the response came in a text. “Your (sic) a liar for hirer (sic). I am a professor. U got academia envy.”

There’s more at The Australian.

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