Clive Palmer Says His Company's Computer System Has Been Hacked And His Laptop Stolen


Clive Palmer’s told ABC Radio his laptop was stolen and his company Mineralogy’s computer system was hacked.

According to AAP, this was after he decided he would form his own political party earlier this year. The mining magnate is now hoping to make a run at becoming the country’s Prime Minister.

“I guess this is the price you pay for participating in democracy in Australia,” Palmer said.

“It is a disappointing one, but it doesn’t deter me from doing what I want to do.”

Palmer, who yesterday — according to The Australian — accidently sent a text to the Queensland mining minister instead of his PR manager, claims there have been a number of serious security breaches.

AAP reports him saying faxes between Mineralogy’s legal department and its lawyers have been copied to another number, and doors had been tampered with at the Brisbane office.

Queensland and Australian Federal Police were investigating, he said.

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