Clive Palmer Rang ABC Radio So He Could Win A DVD About Snow Leopards

Free DVD! Score! Picture: Getty Images

Mining magnate-turned-MP Clive Palmer called ABC radio this afternoon, just to win a DVD.

Radio station 612 ABC Brisbane were running Guess the G20 Celebrity World Leader, ahead of the G20 summit this weekend. The clues were:

  • This world leader married a famous folk singer, and has a daughter who studied at Harvard University.
  • This world leader studied chemical engineering in the ’70s, and also claims a law doctorate.
  • This world leader loves Hollywood films, including Saving Private Ryan.
  • This world leader was 15 when his father, a communist revolutionary, went to prison.

And here’s how the conversation went:

Kelly Higgins-Devine (ABC): “So, we have Clive on the line to answer … this afternoon. Good afternoon.”
Caller: “Hi. How are you?”
KHD: “Good. Would that happen to be Clive Palmer?”
Palmer: “Yeah that’s me – it’s Xi Jinping.”
KDH: “Would you like a DVD sir?”
Palmer: “Absolutely, that’s why I rang up.”

Palmer, whose Palmer United Party controls three crucial votes in the federal Senate, got to choose from Jack Irish, Snow Leopard: Beyond the Myth and Military Aircraft of the 20th Century. He chose the snow leopard documentary.

While Palmer was on the line, Higgins-Devine took the opportunity to ask what he thought made a good leader.

Earlier today, outspoken Palmer United Party member Jacqui Lambie had her chief of staff, Rob Messenger, expelled by Palmer, who claimed Messenger was the real mouthpiece behind Lambie.

He challenged Lambie to either stop causing problems for his leadership or have a go at challenging for it herself.

Surprisingly, he told ABC Radio that leadership challenges were “good for democracy”.

“We have all sorts of people who want to be leaders… I think that’s a good thing,” he said.