Clive Palmer Named The Company That Owns His Private Jet 'Palmair'

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Clive Palmer’s register of interests has been tabled, providing a detailed picture of the businessman-turned-politician’s affairs.

Along with the businesses and investments Palmer holds, he also lists assets such as vintage cars, boats, collectables, motorbikes, memorabilia, works of art, aircraft, intellectual property and livestock.

Public documents show Palmer, who is the member for the Sunshine Coast electorate of Fairfax, has an interest in more than 100 companies, some of which are in the British Virgin Islands and Belize.

His private jet is held through a United States-based nominee company called “Palmair LLC.”

Palmer’s company in the British Virgin Islands is called On Win Enterprises Corporation, and the one is Belize is the World Economic Council Ltd.

Along with the companies, he also has an interest in eight Queensland properties, as well as one in French Polynesia and another in Bulgaria.

His private company Mineralogoly has 43 subsidiaries, including one called Deng Xiaoping Memorial Challenge.

According to the documents he also has shares in Bluescope Steel, Aurizon Holdings, Telstra, Australasian Resources, Pacific Star Network and Hyatt Hotels Corporation in the United States.

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