Clive Palmer left this astonishing, abusive voicemail for a Chinese business partner

Photo: Stefan Postles / Getty

ABC’s 4 Corners aired an extraordinary abusive voice message that businessman turned politician Clive Palmer left for a staff member at CITIC Pacific, the Chinese investment company that bought into his Sino Iron project in WA.

Many who have worked with Palmer in his various roles have spoken of his tendency to slip into explosive rants, but apart from his outbursts in live television they have never really been captured in detail.

The relationship between CITIC and Palmer started fraying in a dispute over royalties. Here’s what 4 Corners aired:

Just to re-cap with you, we are not changing the royalty rate for you at all. Tell your tenement to stick it up his arse, okay? Tell your chairman to stick it up his arse. You people give me the shits, and if you continue to not pay your way, we’re going to throw you off completely and close your project down. I’m chairman of this f**king company. I don’t want to ring up little shits like you ’cause you won’t pay your bloody rates or pay your rent. I’ve had enough of you. So pack up all your f**king gear and get back to China.

The 4 Corners investigation, which you can watch here, summarises the questions hanging over for Palmer at his Queensland Nickel operation – which the administrators are due to report on tomorrow – and also provides great insight into Palmer’s personality, featuring interviews with former employees, business partners, and Senator Glenn Lazarus who was elected as a member of the Palmer United Party. He later quit to sit as an independent after falling out with Palmer, as did Tasmanian PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie.

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