Clive Palmer Will Cut Trade Mining Tax Repeal To Save War Vet Welfare Payments

Mining-mogul-come politician Clive Palmer is willing to drop his anti-mining tax stance to saves a war veteran income support program.

Speaking on Radio National this week Palmer said he’ll block the Coalition’s plans to repeal the mining tax unless it backs down on plans to dismantle a war veteran income support program currently being paid to the children of dead war veterans.

Palmer said plans to cut the $211-a-year payment to orphaned veteran’s children in order to repeal the mining tax is “a crazy thing to do”.

While the Palmer United Party leader is in favour of cutting the mining tax he said this morning it would not be at the expense of the $250,000 a year welfare program.

“They’ll just have to take it out or they won’t have any change,” he told Radio National.

“We think, a person’s given their life for Australia we should be sure that the Australian government won’t attack their children after their gone.”

Depending on the outcome of the Western Australian Senate vote in July, the Coalition may well need Palmer’s support in the Senate to get rid of the mining tax.

Both the Greens and Labor have said they will vote against the bill.

There’s more here.

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