Clive Palmer Is Behind Ted O'Brien In The Race For Fairfax For The First Time

Photo: Getty/Chris Hyde

For the first time in the race for the Sunshine Coast electorate of Fairfax, Clive Palmer has fallen behind the Liberal National Candidate Ted O’Brien.

At last count, the Australian Electoral Commission said O’Brien had just 18 more votes than Palmer, with pre-poll and postal votes trending in his favour.

Palmer had the lead over O’Brien since Australia’s September 7 election, and had looked set to head to Canberra. It could still be some weeks until the seat is called.

The colourful businessman has also said he wants another election regardless of the outcome, claiming the AEC is biased against him.

The Federal Court this week threw out Palmer’s attempt to have counting suspended.

Palmer has said he will still hold some political sway as head of his own Palmer United Party even if he is not elected.

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