Clive Palmer is having another crack at politics

Clive Palmer. Photo: Stefan Postles/Getty Images.

Clive Palmer has launched a bid to re-enter Australian politics.

Palmer, the former federal member for Fairfax, announced on Sunday morning that his deregistered Palmer United Party has now become the United Australia Party, and will contest the next federal election.

“Its re-establishment today marks a significant milestone in the history of Australian politics,” Palmer said.

“All Australians are tired of our current crop of politicians. It is time to unite the country for stronger economic growth that can restore prosperity to all our citizens.”

Former One Nation senator Brian Burston is expected to be named his new party’s first sitting member.

Just last month Palmer denied starting a new political campaign after he funded hundreds of bright yellow billboards around the country with the slogan “Make Australia Great”.

“It’s not a political campaign and has nothing to do with politics. He’s just very patriotic and loves his country,” a spokesman told The Australian at the time.

The Palmer United Party disbanded in 2017 after its last sitting member was not returned in the last election.

Palmer is currently facing several court actions over the liquidation of his Queensland Nickel company.

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