Clive Palmer has a $100,000 Tesla

It’s on loan, but Clive Palmer reckons he’s now in the market for a “faster” Tesla after driving one to work today.

Palmer rolled in to Canberra in a red version of the iconic electric car, which belonged to a local dealer. He couldn’t wait to show it off to the press.

Nine News reporter Charles Croucher tweeted that Palmer had a little bit of trouble with the boot, but enjoyed the fact that it was “a lot cheaper than my Rolls Royce”.

The Australian quoted the mining magnate as saying: “It doesn’t need a subsidy.”

“This car sells at a similar price to a normal car … around about $100,000 up, but the price will come down as we get a greater volume of production.”

Huh. So $100,000 buys you a “normal” car?

Well, Palmer’s Motorama at the Coolum Resort, which opened in November 2013, does house a $20 million collection of more than 100 cars.

Sadly, it closed last November “for scheduled maintenance” and has yet to reopen.

Not everyone has 100 vehicles gathering dust in a personal multi-million dollar collection.

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