Clive Palmer Caught A Cab From The Airport After He Arrived In Canberra Today

Photo: Getty Images

Clive Palmer collected his bags and hailed a cab when he arrived in Canberra today, instead of using a commonwealth car like many other MPs.

According to New Corp Australia he asked waiting reporters were the cab rank was, then used a taxi to head to a lunch.

Palmer is in Canberra ahead of the first session of the new parliament which begins sitting Tuesday. Palmer’s office released a statement earlier today saying he would be arriving at the House of Representatives at tomorrow morning.

Before he won the race for the electorate of Fairfax Palmer had said in a radio interview that he might commute to Canberra on his private jet.

“I can always fly down in the morning on my jet and fly back at night – like anyone else, I can go to and from work every day,” he said in September.

Either way, he says he won’t be using taxpayer money to travel. “I don’t think I will be claiming too much because I don’t want to end up in the murky cesspool that’s been shown everywhere,” he said today, according to News’ report.

Earlier, Palmer had said he could call in sick for his first stint in the Lower House. A spokesperson confirmed he “had a cold.”

There’s more here.

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