Clive Palmer ‘Can’t See The Point’ Of The AFP’s Mission In Ukraine, Describing Collecting Forsenic Evidence As Rubbish

Getty/Matt Roberts

Leader of The Palmer United Party Clive Palmer says he “can’t see the point” of the AFP’s mission in Ukraine to recover the body parts of Australians from the MH17 wreckage.

The Federal MP has told The ABC that Australian personnel should be brought home immediately “as long as there is fighting taking place.”

“I just don’t think it’s realistic to have a lot of people who are alive worrying about recovering remains that’s going to put anyone’s life in danger, to be honest with you, I just can’t see the point of it,” he said.

Palmer has made the comments without seeking a security briefing and describes the need to gather more forensic evidence as “rubbish.”

“…we know the rebels shot them down, and I don’t think anything you find at the site will change that view that people have got,” Mr Palmer said.

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