Clive Palmer Appeals For A Better Life For All In First Speech To Parliament

Getty/ Stefan Postles

Billionaire miner and newly minted federal MP Clive Palmer made his first speech to Parliament today calling for a restoration of the lucky country.

“Parliament should be about the needs of others but sometimes it is not,” he told Parliament in his maiden speech.

He called for a fairer society.

“How long can parliament remain indifferent to Australians’ needs? How long can government be deaf to the everyday struggles of Australians? They must be on top of the agenda.”

He said the main concern was to grow and expand the economy and create more wealth.

“Not wealth for the wealthy, but for all, even the least among us.”

Palmer summonsed the ghosts of the Anzacs to call the nation to action.

“To stimulate our economic activity we must ignite the creativity of all our citizens,” he said.

“Women received the vote in 1902 but prejudice still remains.

“Leadership, not complacency, is our need today. In parliament, in Cabinet, we need more women.”

Palmer said:

We live in a nation where the roads are no longer safe, where ambulances remove the carnage from our highways, where the infant mortality rate of our indigenous people is twice that of the Australian community, where the life expectancy of many of our poorer and downtrodden citizens is less than it should be, where health services are declining, where our elderly and veterans are forgotten, where the tyranny of distance separates the hopes and aspirations of remote Australia, where despair of the homeless and unemployed robs the nation of the productivity of our citizens. Tasmanians feel abandoned by mainland Australia.

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