Clive Palmer And Malcolm Turnbull Had Lunch At Rockpool Yesterday

Photo: Getty Images

Clive Palmer and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull had lunch at Sydney’s Rockpool restaurant yesterday, according to a report.

The Australia Financial Review says the two shared a meal after Palmer unveiled his deal with the Motoring Enthusiast Party, which looks set to secure the PUP control of the Upper House.

Palmer is in the news today for threatening to block all of the government’s legislation if it does not give him the same amount of resources as the Greens had when they held the balance of power.

Resources such as staff are allocated to minor parties based on the number of seats they hold, and Palmer wants the rules changed so his senators can scrutinise legislation, despite holding less than half of the seats the Greens did.

When Fairfax Media told Palmer that Prime Minister Tony Abbott had dismissed his demand, he said: “Fine, then he won’t get any legislation through. None at all.”

Business Insider has contacted Palmer’s and Turnbull’s offices.

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