While You Were Sleeping You Missed This Epic Fourth-Quarter Comeback By The Clippers

The Clippers were down 82-55 with 14 minutes left against the Grizzlies last night.

After that, they exploded on a 44-16 run to close the game, and completed one of the craziest comebacks in NBA history.

Some nuggets from the fourth quarter:

  • The Clips used a 26-1 run to grab the lead at 97-96.
  • Nick Young was key. He hit three 3-pointers in a 60-second span to close the gap from 12 to 3.
  • Memphis made one field goal in the final nine minutes of the game.
  • Chris Paul made the game-winning free throws with 23-seconds left
  • Memphis still had a chance to win! Rudy Gay had the last shot, but missed a jumper and the Clippers escaped.

Memphis completely overpowered L.A. early in the game. But they let their guard down, stopped playing defence, and got sucker-punched in the worst way possible.

Here’s the quick version of that 26-1 run (apologies for the corny music):