Hillary Clinton Shakes Off Web Loss, Rallies In The Real World

Another loser in last night’s primaries: The notion that online support translates to the real world votes. We’ve harped on this before, but it’s worth revisiting.

In the week prior to the Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island primaries, visits to Barack Obama’s web site soared, as did his blog mentions. So did his Facebook supporters, MySpace friends and YouTube views. Hillary Clinton had slight gains in blog mentions, web traffic and YouTube, but barely moved the needle in the final week on MySpace and Facebook. And none of that seemed to matter on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, not only is Ron Paul not our next president, but he may no longer be king of the Internet. His once unstoppable Web campaign appears to be losing steam — his blog mentions and Web site traffic are trending down, and in the week before March 4 he lost 254 of his Facebook friends.

Week averages before March 4 courtesy of Techpresident.com:

YouTube views
Obama +5.6% 24.9m
Clinton +4.8% 8.9m

Facebook supporters
Obama +3.7% 665,187
Clinton +1.7% 127,350

MySpace friends
Obama +3.5% 310,578
Clinton +1.3% 189,165

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