Hillary Clinton is proposing debt forgiveness to young entrepreneurs in a sweeping technology agenda

Hillary Clinton will propose allowing entrepreneurs to defer making student loan payments, as part of a sweeping technology agenda she plans to introduce on Tuesday.
Clinton’s campaign says she would permit start-up founders and early employees to forgo payments on their federal student loans for up to three years.

Those who launch businesses that provide social benefits would also be permitted to apply for forgiveness of up to $17,500 of their debt after five years.

Clinton will present her agenda during a campaign stop at a small business incubator in Denver. She is working to woo young voters attracted to primary rival Bernie Sanders.

Her agenda also includes proposals to connect every US household to high-speed internet by 2020, train 50,000 new computer science teachers, increase the research and development budgets of the National Science Foundation, and bolster cybersecurity, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Clinton is also a strong proponent of the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules, according to a statement issued to Reuters by her campaign.

The rules, which were upheld by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals earlier in June, ensure that internet service providers treat data equally and cannot give or sell access to so-called internet fast lanes that would prioritise certain internet services over others.

“Hillary believes the government has an important role to play in laying a foundation for broad-based innovation and economic growth — by reducing regulatory barriers to entry, promoting healthy competition, and keeping the internet free and open,” the statement read.

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