Clinton's Plea: Buy A Web Ad In Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton needs to win the Pennsylvania primary on April 22, and she’s asking voters to allocate dollars for specific media: TV, online, radio, and signs. Her budgets reflect her campaign’s bias toward television; she generally spends a fraction online as Barack Obama.

How’s she doing? She’s asked for $100,000 for Web ads for the primary, and so far she’s raised $30,022 — 30%. For TV, she’s raised $409,309, or 16% of a requested $2.5 million.

Web fundraising just got a little harder for all the candidates. Traffic to the sites of all three major candidates’s sites plummetted in March due to a lack of competitive primaries. According to Compete, traffic to dropped 28% to 1 million in March from February; dropped 33% to 2 million; and traffic to John McCain’s site fell 38% to 500,000.

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