This guy just became the first person ever to climb the 135-metre Wembley Stadium arch in London

James Kingston just became the first person to ever climb the massively tall arch at London’s Wembley Stadium.

The stunt is part of a marketing campaign for “EE’s new 4G-enabled Action Cam, a device which can stream live to the internet without a smartphone or computer,” Mashable reports.

The Wembley Stadium seats 90,000 and is the second largest stadium in Europe, its Wikipedia page boasts. James Kingston, 24, is to London what the “Outlaw Instagrammers” are to New York City (read more about those guys here.)

“It’s such an iconic landmark,” Kingston says of the arch. “I’ve stood on the top of buildings and structures all over the world but I’ve never felt more on top of the world than on the top of Wembley arch today.”

The stunt was “deemed impossible due to security measures in place and lack of access to the arch,” EE explains. EE says a team of 30 were behind Kingston’s climb, and the logistics took over three months to put in place.

“The scale, height and curve of the arch means this was by far the most unique and complex structure I’ve ever stood on top of,” Kingston said.

You can watch the full video below:

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