Climate Change Made It On The G20 Leaders' Communique

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Climate change did in the end make it into the G20 leaders’ final communique of their Brisbane meeting this weekend.

There had been some doubt whether the leaders would record their views on climate change in the final communication, with Australia not wanting a statement mentioning fossil fuels.

Australia is this year’s head of the G20 and Prime Minister Tony Abbott is well know for his scepticism of climate change science.

However, President Barack Obama’s speech to Queensland University this weekend put the issue squarely on the agenda and announced $3 billion in funding for the the Green Climate Fund.

At the end of the G20 summit, the leaders recorded in the communique their support for mobilising finance for adaptation and mitigation “such as the Green Climate Fund”.

Mr Abbott has previously insisted that Australia will not make “any contributions to that”, a reference to the Green Climate Fund.

But in Mr Abbott’ closing statement he G20, he also made reference to climate change.

“G20 leaders support strong and effective action to address climate change,” Mr Abbott said:

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