Parody site Clickhole is launching a new digital show spoofing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

ClickholeClickholeClickhole’s new ‘Patriothole’ web show.

Clickhole’s political spoof “Patriothole” launched its first show on Wednesday skewering far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars.

According to Clickhole, the digital series plans to be the “Internet’s loudest source for the truth about leftist plots against legal president Donald Trump, the evil schemes of the Clinton Foundation, and the constant threat of bug-eyed pedophiles lurking behind every corner.”

The shows will range from short clips to longer episodes.

In May, Clickhole launched Patriothole, a “loud light in the darkness,” spoofing the patriotic memes, viral images, and conspiracy theories that circulate on social media, which occasionally bubble up into mainstream outlets like Fox News. 

Clickhole isn’t the only comedy site spoofing far-right online media outlets.

Later this month, “The Opposition With Jordan Klepper” will premiere on Comedy Central, sending up “a know-nothing provocateur” promoting conspiracy theories from a fictional alternative media network.

Watch a clip:

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