Click Frenzy Mayhem 2020: The best phone and mobile broadband deals

Photo by Olly Curtis/Future via Getty Images

It’s that time of the year again: when Australians do serious damage to their mouses, trackpads and phone screens as they participate in the titular click frenzy of Click Frenzy.

But aside from the deals on gadgets and electronics and homewares that consumers have come to expect, you can usually get some pretty solid deals on phone plans too. Click Frenzy Mayhem 2020 is no different, and you’re especially well-placed if you’re ready to ditch your phone carrier and try some new.

Click Frenzy Mayhem officially kicks off at 7pm on Tuesday May 19th, though some deals may be available earlier.

Here’s what’s on offer.


Telstra’s got a few things going on.

Firstly, they’re offering $10 off all SIM-only plans for the first 12 months you’re with Telstra. One of those deals is 30GB for $40 per month, which is quite solid on Telstra. These only apply for new customers.

Secondly, you’ve got $10 off all mobile broadband plans for the first 12 months you’re with Telstra. Again, this is only for new customers. The standout is 15GB for $20 per month – cheap as.

Lastly – and this isn’t exactly a phone or broadband plan, but it’s worth mentioning while we’re talking Telstra – the carrier has cut the price of the Xbox One S Xbox All Access to $22 per month, a saving of $5 per month. This plan gets you an Xbox One S and 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate.

Woolworths Mobile

Woolworths Mobile has cut $150 off the outright price of almost every single Galaxy S20 model, excluding the Ultra. This makes Woolies Mobile one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on Galaxy S20 plans right now. The offer runs until May 28.


Vodafone is doing $35 per month for 25GB for Click Frenzy. For camparison, it’s normally $40 per month for 10GB, so that’s a big improvement.

The $5 per month discount only lasts the first year with Vodafone, but you keep the bonus data for the duration of your plan. You can get it SIM-only, but you can also get the deal with a plan – check out some of those.

If you want it, you need to sign up before May 25.

A few other bits and bobs

Here’s a few other phone, mobile, and broadband deals worth knowing about.

amaysim is currently offering 2GB of data on its $10 prepaid plan – up from 1GB – if you sign up before May 31. This isn’t part of Click Frenzy per se, but it’s a deal.

Also not quite part of Click Frenzy, but still worth knowing about: TPG is doing 50% off its entire range of SIM-only prepaid plans. The discount applies for the first six months with TPG, after which they go back to standard price.

Some iPhone deals are happening too: