Cleveland weatherman goes nuts on live TV about the Warriors fouling LeBron James in the Finals

Though the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled out a 95-93 overtime Game 2 win over the Golden State Warriors Sunday night, some Cleveland fans are still upset about a no-call on a clear foul on LeBron James.

On a crucial possession in overtime, James was hacked by Andre Iguodala, but the refs didn’t call a foul, instead calling a 24-second violation on the Cavs.

It was clearly a foul, but the refs missed it:

Had the Cavs lost the game, this would have been an egregious no-call that could have drastically affected the whole series. However, the Cavs won, so the no-call it didn’t affect the outcome

To meteorologist Mark Johnson of Cleveland’s ABC5, the no-call was unacceptable.

Before giving a weather report, Johnson went on a mini-rant griping about the non-call on live TV. Johnson gave a demonstration of “new NBA rules,” saying, “This is no longer a foul”:

He continued, “That’s no longer a foul. We learned that tonight in the Golden State game… Actually you should have come down and hacked me a little harder. You should have taken a saw and sawed off my arm!”

Johnson can take solace in the series going back to Cleveland for Games 3, 4, and 5, where James might get some more favourable calls.

Here’s the full video:

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