Cleveland Prepares For The Worst When LeBron James Returns Next Week

LeBron James Calendar

Photo: Cleveland Plain-Dealer

The Cleveland Cavaliers are beefing up security and banning anti-Lebron signs and t-shirts in advance of the Miami Heat’s visit to Quicken Loans Arena next week.The December 2 game, which be televised nationally by TNT, may be the most anticipated regular season game in NBA history.

The team says that extra security guards will be placed at arena entrances to make sure fans don’t wear offensive shirts or carry in vulgar signs, and the personnel will be in the stands to nab anyone thinking of throwing something on the court.

The Cavs have already had metal detectors in place for several years.

A team spokesperson says, “We don’t want to create a police state,” but another team employee says, “I’m a little bit afraid.” Will this be a basketball game or a full-scale riot?

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