Cleveland Police Deny Receiving Calls About Women On Leashes In Kidnapping Suspect's Backyard


Yesterday, reports surfaced that neighbours of suspected Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro reported seeing strange things at his house, including naked women crawling around on leashes in his backyard.

Some of the neighbours told reporters that they called police, who they say failed to enter Castro’s house or make contact with him.

The Cleveland Police Department tweeted Wednesday that it doesn’t have a record of any such calls regarding Castro’s house:

During a news conference the same day announcing charges for Castro, Cleveland Public Safety Director Martin Flask said the only call that came ever came in about Castro’s house was a call for service in 2000 when Castro reported a fight outside.

“Immediately after the (women’s) recovery, we began a search of our records,” Flask said. “There is no evidence to indicate that any of them were ever outside in the yard in chains without clothing.”

Flask said that based on evidence police have obtained so far, the women were only allowed outside only briefly on two occasions.

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