A $100 bet on the Cleveland Indians' historic win streak would be worth over $1 million

The Cleveland Indians historic 21-game win streak has brought the team once again into the national spotlight, with even the most casual of baseball fans tuning in to see if they can keep the magic going.

It’s a great story for anyone that loves the sport of baseball, but for gamblers, it’s hard not to see a missed opportunity to cash in.

As odds-watcher R.J. Bell noted on Twitter, if an ambitious gambler who bet $US100 on the Indians’ first victory “let it ride” the entirety of the winning streak to this point, they’d now be a millionaire.

Now, it must be noted that this is an almost impossible scenario in reality. The idea of anyone betting upwards of six-figures on a regular season game is absurd on its face, and it’s unlikely you could find a book willing to take $US800,000 in liability on a single baseball outcome. Much more likely that the lucky bettor would have cashed out after the win streak hit 10 and would be kicking themselves for only being $US28,000 richer.

That said, this is the inherent appeal of gambling — if you can predict the future of sports (and many feel like they can), you can get rich quick.

The Indians will look to extend their win streak to 22 games against the Kansas City Royals on Thursday night, and are currently listed as -215 favourites on the moneyline at the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook.

If our hypothetical bettor were to let his $US1,179,048 winnings ride one more time, he would be set to add another $US548,000 to his winnings and walk with $US1,727,442.42.

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