The Cleveland Cavaliers Have Lost 25 Games In A Row, And They're Somehow favoured Tonight

Mo Williams Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Basketball

Someone needs to explain to us how this is possible. 

According to Bodog’s odds, the Cavs are one-point favourites for tonight’s home game against the Detroit Pistons. 

Granted, the Pistons aren’t exactly a juggernaut, and they’re just 6-21 on the road, but the Cavaliers have lost 25 games in a row! 

Cleveland is only 5-17 at home, and hasn’t won at Quicken Loans Arena since December 18th.

We suppose that because Cleveland has only lost by an average of 4.2 points per game in their last four, including a three point loss to the powerhouse Dallas Mavericks in their last game, people think they’re close to snapping their streak.  But we still find it hard to believe that a team that has been this bad, for this long, is favoured in anything. 

Twitter user, Barry Stagg, says that the Cavs have been favoured two other times during their losing streak

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