A year after LeBron, you could get tickets to a Cleveland Cavaliers game for $2

  • The cheapest ticket to attend the Cleveland Cavaliers game Wednesday night against the Brooklyn Nets was just $US2, according to a screenshot of one ticket vendor’s website taken on Wednesday.
  • Ticket sales in Cleveland are expected to decline this season now that LeBron James isn’t on the team.
  • Both the Cavaliers and their former superstar are both experiencing tough starts to the 2019 NBA season: Cleveland is (0-4) while LeBron’s Los Angeles Lakers are (1-3)

A year after LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals, fans can snag a ticket to see the LeBron-less Cavaliers for less than the cost of parking at the arena.

TMZ Sports published a screenshot of the online ticket vendor Flash Seats, whose website showed that the cheapest ticket for the Cavaliers’ matchup against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, October 24 was just $US2.

The Cavaliers remain winless this season after falling to the Nets by 16 points.

James decided to leave the Cavaliers last summer to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

But that hasn’t stopped Cleveland fans from going to games.According to the Bleacher Report, Cavalier fans are averaging higher attendance at home games (19,432) than the Lakers are with LeBron on their squad (18,997).

Getting a ticket to watch LeBron suit up for the purple and gold, however, is a different story: the average price to attend LeBron’s first home game in Los Angeles was $US526.73, the Los Angeles Times reported October 19.

The (1-3) Lakers have struggled out the gate this season with LeBron. It remains to be seen whether local Laker fans will continue shelling out big bucks to attend games if the team falters this season.

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