The Cavaliers' $113 million investment in Kevin Love is starting to pay off big time

During Kevin Love’s first two seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, there was a lot of doubt and criticism directed at the decision to add Love to an already talented roster. However, now in his third season with the Cavs, Love is starting to show that the huge investment was a smart one.

In order to obtain Love, the Cavs had to give up Andrew Wiggins — the first pick of the 2014 draft — and a first-round pick in the 2016 draft. After a shaky first season that saw the Cavs reach the NBA finals with Love out with an injury, the two sides were seemingly headed for a divorce in free agency. Instead, the Cavs went all-in and gave Love a $113 million contract. The Cavs then won the 2016-17 NBA championship with Love often reduced to a role player in the playoffs.

Many wondered if we would ever see the old Kevin Love, the one who made the All-Star game three times in his final four seasons with the Timberwolves and who was twice named to the All-NBA second team.

But now in his third season with the Cavs, a healthy Love has found his footing and regained his old form. In fact, it is a little scary how much Love’s numbers this season look like his numbers from his final three seasons in Minnesota. While the assists are down a bit, everything else looks nearly identical. Kevin Love is back.

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