Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Still Can't Get Over LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers Thunder


NBA fans have been flocking to television screens to catch the Heat-Thunder series, and ratings are the best ever for a Finals series broadcast on ABC.Some of the best ratings in the country, interestingly enough, come from Cleveland, Ohio, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Of five highest-rated markets in the country, the top four are in Thunder or Heat territory: Oklahoma City, Miami, Tulsa and West Palm Beach. Cleveland is No. 5.

Oklahoma City had a 42 rating for game 3, Miami had a 30, and Cleveland came in at a surprising 18.1. The national average for the game was around 11.5, according to the report.

Of course, we’re sure the folks in Cleveland aren’t watching to see LeBron win his first title — but they’re still watching LeBron.

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