SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Clemens May Get A Shot To Catch Maddux On All-Time Wins List

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When we learned that Roger Clemens may attempt a comeback in the Major Leagues with the Houston Astros, many speculated that Clemens would benefit from having his Hall of Fame clock pushed back five more years. But another enticement may be the chance to move back into the top five for career wins during the modern era (since 2001; see below).

Clemens needs one win to tie Greg Maddux with 355 career wins. Interestingly, despite the assertion that we will never see another 300-game winner as long as teams use 5-man rotations, only four pitchers in the last 112 years have won more games than Clemens and Maddux, two pitchers that played their entire careers with a 5-man rotation…

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