Clearwire (CLWRD) Dumping Sprint’s (S) ‘Xohm’ Name For WiMax Service


Clearwire’s (CLWRD) newly formed wireless joint venture with Sprint Nextel (S) has already made one smart move, Reuters reports: It’s dumping the “Xohm” name that Sprint tried using for its WiMax Internet service.

Why? Because Clearwire’s “Clear” brand sounds a lot less silly. And unlike Xohm, it already has some traction. Per Google (GOOG) Trends:


Clearwire closed its $14.5 billion deal with Sprint last Friday. Other investors include Intel (INTC), Comcast (CMCSA), Google (GOOG), and Time Warner Cable (TWC).

Clearwire shares are up 2.9% today to $7.20.

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